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Immigration Status Bill Signed by Governor Brown

While it seems like common sense that a person’s immigration status should not play a part in a civil lawsuit, last Monday, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Assembly Bill 1690, written by Assemblyman Mark Stone (D – Scotts Valley). The bill will prohibit attorneys and administrative judges from inquiring into a person’s immigration status if they bring forth a state labor, employment, civil rights, or housing law.

The bill’s purpose is to end the practice of using the fear of immigration status as a way to deter plaintiffs from pursuing claims that otherwise have merit. Supporters of the bill point to countless examples of employer’s using immigration status as a way to dissuade undocumented workers from filing labor and unemployment claims.

This legislation, which was backed by the Consumer Attorneys of California (CALA), as well as immigration, labor, and employment attorneys’ groups, makes a plaintiff’s immigration status irrelevant and hopefully will encourage people with valid claims to come forward regardless of their immigration status.

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