Of Counsel 

Heidi "Doc" Holliday

Heidi "Doc" Holliday combines a dynamic approach to practicing law with a gentleness and personal drive with a capacity to listen.
Former law enforcement, spending 2 years at Grover Beach Police Department, giving Doc the unique ability to pick apart a police report line by line, and cross examine police officers on the stand with an inside knowledge of their job duties and responsibilities.

Doc worked for the Prosecutor's office for the 4th Judicial District Attorney's Office in El Paso County, Colorado, where she became aware of many of the stumbling blocks that exist between prosecutors and defense attorneys. Doc used this opportunity to learn how best to approach prosecutors and how to creatively resolve differences to the satisfaction of both sides. She learned how to evaluate the prosecutor's case; both the strengths and weaknesses. This experience has allowed her to aggressively defend her client's BEFORE they go to court, rather than starting work on the first court date. Valuable time can be lost while the prosecutor is deciding whether to file a case; reject it outright; or refer a felony for misdemeanor prosecution.

DUI’s, attempted murder, kidnapping, battery, domestic violence, narcotics, ADW, appearances, writing motions, trials, including Veteran's Court
Doc received rave reviews from his mentors at the El Paso County District Attorney's Office for her excellent work ethic and passion for everything she tackled.

Doc has years of experience handling family law cases, as well as criminal cases at the state and federal level. Doc has handled the division of complex business and property assets in a California divorce, as well as sensitive trial matters concerning parental/child relocation, criminal contempt proceedings, child support arrears, and the termination of parental rights. Dissolutions, paternity, child/spousal support, domestic violence and restraining orders, division of property, mediation, modifications of custody and support, document preparation.